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New month 1st September 2018



Still no letter as yet and be seeing probation officer on monday 

Trying not to worry about it too much. Watching Drop dead Fred 

Good classic comedy film 


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Monday is a national holiday here, Labor Day.  Praise God, I need it.  

How r u watching all these movies?  On the internet?  Just curious.  

I am prone to anxiety about future events too.  My best but lame advice is to do what works for you.  Whatever activity or thought process brings you to a better place just embrace it.  

For example, some people become analytical, others are spiritual, some dig into work or vigorous exercise, some cling to family or pets, hobbies like cooking, others dive into entertainment - watching sports or movies etc.  


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Ah ok. I have a friend that has hundreds of DVDs.  Not all horror but a great deal of it is.  He really likes underground stuff from 60s and 70s and 80s too.  Back then in America you could film and entire movie right in the heart of New York City and not need a permit or union workers.  

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There are two companies Vinegar Syndrone and Something Weird that my friend had bought from over the years. Both specialize in finding old films that have never seen distribution or very limited distribution.  Sometimes the audio commentary is better than the movie.  

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