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another visit.



So when to the T yesterday. I cried again. Well, she did say changes could happen rapidly, which is good. And comforted me. Somehow though, I want her to be my coach like the other T was, but that's not how she works. She's more detached in a way. She said that her work with people is more on the short term.

Then I was disappointed. Like 'oh, no! don't leave me now. It's not necessarily that I want to be in therapy for long, it's just that there seems to be a lack of follow up. She makes me read these books, and I sure do come in there and drive. Like, this is what I have done so far, questions...comments. but, she doesn't seem to challenge me, or my ideas. I don't know. I wanted schedules, plans, follow up, confrontation of how the plan is maybe irrealistic, based on what I want to work on...exercises, follow up again... You know.

She said, what you have to concentrate on is do things as if you were your own parent, a good parent that cares for you, and wants to make you happy and healthy.

Well, certainly I have heard that before, and do it to a certain extent, but maybe not enough. I will give it a go more full on.

What does the little girl want and need today, what would make you happy, mmm?


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Hi Tour! Yeah that really stinks that you aren't liking your new therapist. I get what you're saying about the following up and questions and comment and excercises, I see that that is how you work. I believe I remember you saying before that this particular therapist was one of your last choices? What happened to your old therapist? I mean I just think that it's important that you get what you need from your therapist. And I know you talk about needs alot and this is one of yours. Maybe with time you will mesh better with this new one? I'm sure she probably has some good ideas but I just hope you are able to continue making progress. You are such a great person I just hope that it works out for you, that she is able to help you get where you want to be.

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oh, I'm glad it's not all bad tour. Even if the change doesn't occur as quickly as you'd like, as long as you're still make some sort of progress, even if it happens slowly, that's still good, right? At least you're not going backwards.

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