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the shoulder



so, I called my boss on saturday, but he never called back, so, maybe he just wanted to deal with it today. I hope all goes well. The shoulder still hurts. I've got a paper from the doc... sigh. I jut hope that they won't sack me. Some of my friends tell me 'why would they do that?' Maybe they are right. I know I wouldn't do that to someone, but you never know. It's been done in this town... Must have faith though, right...right?

The sun is shinning and it's a beautiful day. I will show up as promised. Last night a friend called to go for a beer at like 10:30 pm. Hum, I'm going to bed. He always cal me last minute. I use to just go ok, but since he doesn't really do that kind of thing for me, when I used to call him more, well now I wont lack sleep just so to keep him company on his night off. I am not holding a grugde, which is great. I am just like meh... It's easy to do when the person doesn't count for you as much anymore. But I am also glad I asserted myself, just like that! :)

anyway. off to work. wish me luck


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Good luck tour, hopefully your boss will be understanding. And good for you telling your friend no last night, people like that drive me nuts, everything is always at their convenience, a one sided friendship. Well good luck again, and have a good day!

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oh thanks Star! well, you know...I was sent home, but the girl at the office was really nice. She said she'll call me if there is some lighter work that comes up. So, I am ok. It's all good... We'll see. In time. I mean. I can't really tell what's going to happen right now. All I have to do, is concentrate on getting the shoulder better. So I am looking online for exercises to strengthen the shoulder once the injury has receded a bit.

About the 'friend', ya, he's very much on his own plan all the time. Me, me, me. I was saying to him 'well, it's too late tonight, but maybe we can do something tomorrow or the next day?' and he was like 'well, you know, I have a child to take care of, and I only have little holes between work and taking care of my kid...' Boohoo, your life is so hard. Whatever. His little trick doesn't work on me anymore. His ex-wife does way more than he when it comes to managing her life, the kid, the freakin everything... And he just goes out and parties like a little man-child. So I say deal with it buddy! Ah!

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Oh, at least she was nice, right? I mean once your shoulder is healed they're not going to give you a hard time about coming back or anything? I hope. Did the dr say how long you'd be out for? Well, at least you're proactive, looking up the strengthening excercises and all. Yeah, and the friend thing, that's something I run into a lot, so I'm just glad you stuck up for yourself. Sending healing thoughts your way, yeah cause I can do that! But really, feel better!

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ahah! Ya, I know! You do that! :) That's so nice of you, thanks!

Well, you know, I can't really tell what they're going to do next, but that's ok. And She was truly nice. She seems to have a good nature and wants to help.

The dr said 1 week at least... maybe two to three weeks... But I'll just take it day by day. Maybe I'm still in denial mode [it'll be fine, blabla], but I am ok with feeling like this right now. I hate it when I get myself all worked up...

I might. We'll see. I hope not, but I know I tend to do that. Realistically though, there's nothing that I can do about it. It happened. So be it. All things happen for a reason... I want to choose to think that this will all work out fine in the end. And it will. Sometimes it's hard to see how a bad thing is good, that's for sure, but right now I can, so I will take that! I can see that I need to strengthen my shoulders. So, in a way, it's a reminder that this needs to be done. I have neglected doing this for a while, now it's a little worse then my previous injuries, but it's like a kick in the butt. so it's all good. I just hope I can keep this attitude going for me. We'll see.

About buddy, well it's so weird, we were pretty close for a while there. Climbing together, Sea kayaking, surfing... and I helped him and comforted him a lot when he divorced and was all paranoid of 'what is the community going to think' and having crazy bouts of anxiety... I listen to him and hung out with him...And now I just told him about the shoulder and, he was somewhat helpful, but kind of didn't want to talk too much over the phone and just wanted to go for a beer. Oh well. It's ok. I have other friends that are supportive. Sucks to be him :)

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Hi tour, sorry to hear about your shoulder. Have you tried ice packs? Usually people try wrapping ice packs in towels and applying them 10 minutes on, fifteen minutes off for an hour or two. My understanding is that it is best to apply ice packs soon after the injury, but every little bit helps I think.

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Hey Kaudio! Thanks for the advice! Yep, you are right on the money! And I did that for the first couple of hours. Along with Ibuprofen. Then in the next days, I just use Ibu as per the dr, and started doing some little exercises and to not protect the shoulder too much as to not get the dreaded 'frozen shoulder' that people get often from this type of injury.

Thanks for reading my post. Makes me feel loved :) and my shoulder feels it too peeps! thank you thank you

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