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the shoulder...a lill better :)



A little update on the shoulder situation:

All is good so far. It's getting better. I still feel pain, but nothing like in the first few days. It's slowly gaining strenght. Soon I should be able to do the rehab type of exercises that were prescribed by the dr and that I found on the net in more details.

I still feel stressed a bit and try and hang out as much as I can with my friends so I don't get all bugged out at home along, wallowing in my own thoughts of disaster...as I have been known to do that! Ah! I feel really amazed that I can do that for myself, and [sorry but] I do feel sort of proud of myself! I feel pretty good, pretty strong mentally at the moment....Hmmm, maybe an 8 out of 10, so that is pretty good. I really think it is in part because of you guys, and your kind thoughts and help. So thank you!

As per the job, well they seem to have not given up on me!!! Which I am ecstatic about. Just 5 minutes ago, the office girl called to say that I had a first aid training tomorrow at nine! That means they are still ready to invest some time and money in my case, even though I am injured. I had expressed interest in a first aid course as it is something good to have on a job site and I love learning and helping people so, it will be good to have!



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Hey tour, it's good to be proud of yourself, you should be! I am so glad that your job is being good to you, it would be awful if they had written you off because of an injury. The phone call must have been so reassuring. I'm sorry the injury was so bad that it still hurts, I didn't realize how bad it was until now, at least it's healing, I hope it heals fast and that everything works out for you, which I'm sure it will.

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Hey thanks guys once again! Star, yam it's all good. I didn't really explain that it was a rotator cuff injury, so how could you know? And there's various degrees of it too. In my case, the doc said it may be torn a bit [which freaks me out], because I am having trouble holding my arm up on my own when I have my arm at 90 degree...but anyway. it is definitely not the worst case. I just have to be not as rough as I am normally in getting back in action and overdoing it. That I do... But so far so good. All is well!

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