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What you learn...



Well, going on a hike again today...

and I've heard something preeeetty interesting recently. Like Jaw dropping! My roomate saw C again at a race, and he went to check on him, as he likes to evaluate if a guy is good for me or not [he's like a big brother to me], anyway, he told me "T, I don't think this is the guy for you", of course I was like "why, he's too cwwwoooool and too in shape and healthy for me?", Mark was like "no, heck no! he was drunk AGAIN, after the race, and then he was chit chatting to joe and other dudes there and saying that at new year's he got so wasted and did mushrooms, and X, and whatever else, and then ran home barefeet in the middle of the night!!!!" "and then they were all bragging how they smoke weed all the time and bike, and C said, yeahhh, that's what we do" Mark was just as shocked as I was. I asked him if he was sure C wasn't being sarcastic and joking while saying that, and Mark said, nop, he was pretty dang serious!

Well, the things you learn! He lied to me. He said he didn't do drugs. Here is another chance for me to take another pillar out his pedestal. I am so glad Mark told me this!

Now I go Hiking!

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