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WHYYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Ooooh I'm so tired of being alive and nothing makes me feel better anymore not even drink. I just want to sleep forever and eveer and ever,. and then I want to fly away and be freee!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then I want a family who wants me. and I want a hug aswel. I like hugs, I'll soooo regret this in the morningg. Don't think I'll ever be able to change. the feeling is too deep inside me.



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You know, I wonder if it would be a worthwhile goal to see how little time you could spend at home, this summer?

Part-time job, malls, libraries, parks (gentle walks :-P), museums, ... Even getting bored at the museum has to beat what you're getting at home.

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I wish......

But....I live in the countryside where there's nothing to do and my only way into town is if my mother drives me, which she won't.

Oh well. I can always dream!:(

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Erf. There has to be something you can do. Draw cows? Draw on cows? Watch grass grow? Get a bunch of books from the library (that's what I'd do)? Um, surf the internet a lot (could be educational, you never know)? How about doing work around the house, like painting a room pink, or stenciling big bunny rabbits on the walls? (I'm just pretending I'm creative, here. If I'm not making sense ... then you know it's me.) ;-)

I know the depression isn't good about new ideas. I'm just trying to pick you up like a salt shaker and see what falls out. :-)

What do you dream about? That might be a starting point, too. Never been very good at dream interpretation, myself, though.

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Haha ok, if anyone asks where I'm going I'll say that I'm going out to the field to paint cows:D I think I need to work on my imagination more....Maybe I could try turn my dreams into art... or else I could draw me as a saltshaker!!!! Malign, you're a genius!!! I dream really strange things most of the time!! Then I daydream a lot aswel. I always used to get in trouble for that in school:rolleyes:

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"I'm going out to the field to paint cows. What color do you want yours to be?"

I never thought I'd be inspirational. ;-)

I daydreamed, too; I just passed the classes anyway. Some part of me must still have been listening. Except in math. Math was trippy enough to pay attention to. But not everyone sees it that way. :-)

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Ha, I really liked accounting, it just stunk, literally, the teacher had the nastiest breath! Of course, I was way too cool then to admit I liked accounting. You know, it's probably the whole left brain, right brain thing. When I had ceramics class in high school, I spent the majority of my time on the computer playing minesweeper! I hated getting clay in my fingernails.

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