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Something someone wrote




"When you are in such a deep rest that nothing stirs in you, when all action as such ceases, as if you are fast asleep yet awake, you come to know who you are. Suddenly the window opens."

When you have learnt the art of being at rest you can be both active and restful together, because then you know that rest is something so inner that it can not be disturbed by anything outer.

The activity goes on at the circumference and at the center you remain restful.

Arrange your life in such a way, drop all futile activity, because ninety percent is futile; it is just for killing time and remaining occupied. Do only the essential and devote your energies more and more to the inner journey.

Then that miracle happens when you can remain at rest and in action together, simultaneously.

But 'mind' is very cunning.

It can rationalize paralysis as meditation

it can rationalize dullness as transcendence

it can rationalize deadness as renunciation.

Watch out!

Always remember that if you are moving in the right direction you will go on flowering.


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