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Well, that word, "growth", always makes me think of my evil twin sister, maligNancy ... But it's the good kind that's happening to me. It just seems to be taking its sweet time.

I went out to the Go club last night, and that was fine, but when I got home, I was too wired to want to sleep. So anyway, I shot all my good intentions from (just yesterday?), stayed in bed and ran out without a shower, and still have to stay late at work.

But it won't defeat me. I'll go right back to my Tai Ch'i tonight, and getting up and all. Everyone has relapses; the trick is to start one more time than you quit (the reverse for addictions, of course). So hey, if I can't do it myself, I can't recommend it to others.


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Is that a real, as in live 'sister' or an evil twin in the mind... Growth just take it's sweet time doesn't it. Well, to you that is most often. As then, remember those times when people haven seen you for a while and your hair has grown... ok that might not apply... ok, remember when you go to some relative, or some friend that you haven't seen for a while and their 'baby' is now a little kid? They don't notice how much their kids have grown, but you do, right? Or plants in the garden... that sort of thing.

What's the Go club?

But yeah, good intention need good action. You're doing it! I know how hard it is for me! I look at my friend R for instance, when she's like, no, today I won't study, I was going to but I'm too tired... and then the next day she gets right back at it! Her discipline is beautiful, so much so that now she can take a break and get right back at it without feeling to guilty... Or maybe that's what I think...

You won't get defeated!

Tai ch'i seems really cool to me. When I get a little better, I will get into yoga again... It's good for the mind these things.

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Nope, my mom was the only female in the family, and I think that did influence my development.

I won't say how. That's called "suspense". :-P

I like how you had to switch examples. I've always been pretty good at hair and finger-nail growth. I am the keratin master. The follicles have just quit holding on, that's all.

"Go" is the Japanese name for a strategy game that's played throughout Asia. In Japan, it's about as popular as chess is here (they have their own version of chess, called 'shogi', which is fun, too. I should do an article on the evolution of games, but only I would read it.)

I think the key is in the guilt, myself.

And yeah, I'm working on it. ;-)

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