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Quick one



Well, it's been a busy day online here, and I'm late getting this posted.

So, just a quickie:

Over the weekend, I re-dedicated to taking care of myself, keeping clean, doing my Tai Ch'i and meditation, and getting up at a regular time.

I solved, or at least alleviated, one financial issue that came up, with the help of my wife, which was fairly nice of her.

And I had an instructive encounter with my anxieties. Late this afternoon, I got a call from my manager, could I come to his office for a minute? So, I'm walking over there thinking all sorts of things, like how much time I spend on here instead of working. What did it turn out to be? Annual pay raises came in.

So some days, you just have to laugh.


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Wicked. So important! So difficult to do sometimes [for me anyway] when stuck in a rut... I have to constantly remind myself 'I love myself and take care of myself willingly"... Over and over. Sometimes it makes me cry, but I know my gremlin isn't that s.m.r.t. and I will fight it and wiiiiiiiiiiiin mooo-ha-ah-aaaaaah [is that scary enough for ya? :P ]

Yeah, the can you come to the office... O gawd. I've been there before. I hate it. I always think I'm going to get it when that happens. But yeah, that's a good one! So glad to hear and congratulations! On all counts that is!

Good job!


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Wow, Tai Ch'i and meditation, that's great! Each time I suffer a mild injury I end up taking time off from the gym. This is unfortunate, but I can still do my upper body exercises. Fight on, malign!

When I am confronted with situations that seem intimidating, and I do not know what to expect, I try to think in terms of actions. The nervousness does not go away, but the mind can explore the options of doing various actions to change things rather than only thinking of being subjected to various possibilities.

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Congrats on the pay rise. Good on you for managing to get to the office in one piece. I no longer work but i can still remember thee fear of the boss needing to see you in the office. Kinda like when your younger and you get called to the head teachers office at school. I guess its safe to say some anxieties stay with us forever.

Well Done.

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Yes, tour,

You have the Vache Qui Rit down perfectly.


You make it sound as if I were any good at Tai Ch'i, much less meditating.

I just try. I sit there and breathe. Mostly I hope I won't hyperventilate and fall over. :-)

I'm not sure if that's the effect I should be going for.


It wasn't a huge raise, just a couple of percent. But it does mean I still have a job, for now.

There's a reason that everyone shares that same sort of feeling. The more people I meet, especially here, the more I think we're all just variations; there's no one "normal".

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