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Hurry up and wait



Meh, another hurried entry.

But I did promise myself.

So, I'm running off to have dinner with my wife and her (our) son. It's her birthday, and he's treating.

I'm going mostly to see him (I haven't since the split in February), and a little bit to keep the peace going between her and me. Not because I really care that she's a year older ...

And I'm afraid I'm letting her manipulate me again; that she's got some kind of plan to get back together; that she's managed to come full circle from kicking me out a few months ago. It was bad enough living with this for seven years.


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Sounds like you have a difficult evening ahead. Lets hope the food is good.

It will be nice for you to see your son again though, you must miss him dearly.

hope your evening goes well

take care

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Well, hope you'll have a good evening.

I remember when I left my bf, and for about 6 months he was 'trying' to get me back...sometimes being cold, sometimes being 'hot'... but I remember how bad it was with him in the end. and that I had made the decision to fly on my own. And that there would be others. [even though I didn't believe it one bit]. I mean, he's a nice guy... That I know. We both felt lonely for a while, nostalgic, but our relationship had ran its course. It was done like dinner :(

If you believe that you will find something more fulfilling, and you will! ... I know I thought I was doomed for a while... because of the small town I live in. With mostly man child, people who leave... and all the good ones already taken... and [i thought] the 'bad' ones single... But, now I can see it isn't the case. There are still some single ones that are good. For the same reason that why should I be labeled bad candidate because I am single? Not like that! I refuse to think that there's only bad guys out there now. Besides, being by myself after this long relationship as made me work on a lot of stuff for me, that I might not have done if I was with a guy for the past two years. It pushed me to take care of myself a lot, take care of my body, and groom myself more, and to take care of what I want, and what I need... my goals...[work in process, of course but hey] And I learned a lot from those 'dating' experiences. It's like going for interviews of something... You don't always success, but you learn a lot along the way, get a tougher skin too, polish your resume, and next thing you know, you're the one refusing offers...

Ok, I am going off trying to get you pumped about the single life. I think I know what you may think... But I can refute it.

Don't go back if you think it will be more of the same. You are worth much better than this.

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You think _I_ have a difficult evening ahead? :-)

Let me know how yours went, when you get a chance, please.

Ha, tour,

You don't have to pump me on the single life. There's no chance of my going back. And I'm learning more about what I'm worth lately than you would believe. But being around her is always like tiptoeing through a minefield, for me.

It was great to see Alex. I hugged him (well, unobtrusively) even though we were in public. He's 20; he "pretends not to mind" while leaning into it. He doesn't fool me. His mother was on good behavior: it was her birthday. So it went okay.

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Hah. :-)

You've never seen me cook. "Done like dinner" might mean something completely different to me.

Alex is a bit of an introvert still, a computer guy for sure. He is seeing a girl he met two years ago, when they were freshpeople together, so he is growing. He told his mom over the winter that they were "officially dating"; I guess there are more stages now than there used to be. ;-)

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I was just trying to be funny, in reference to dinner, but I can see it didn't go over too well. Me so funny. ugh.

Officially dating. Yeah I don't know if there's more stages. I didn't even know what dating meant until recently Ah! Good on him to be able to have a girl friend for more then a few months. Shows he's mature...

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Tour, it was funny. I was teasing you back. I actually like the phrase ... or rather, the image of me telling her that some day. :-)

They've been friends for a while. If anything, he has learned caution from us. ;-)

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