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Like a banana



"Time flies like the wind,

But fruit flies like a banana."

Another week has passed.

Most of it, I spent online having fun when I was supposed to be working. Good thing I fake it well. Having so much fun, in fact, that at times, I barely had time to post a snatch of something to my old friend bloggy.

So, time for some reflection. What have I learned recently?

  • I'm a good person. It's getting to the point where I don't even need people to tell me. It's nice if they do, of course, but I no longer feel a need to seek it out.
  • I can disagree with people without ending up doubting myself. I've been given several "opportunities" to doubt myself lately, and I have refused. Not that there's no room for doubt, but that I have to move forward anyway. This would be a valuable one to extend to other areas of my life, wouldn't it? ;-)
  • A person, any one of us, can make a difference. It makes it almost an obligation to try: what if, for lack of just your little effort, the opportunity is missed? Now, clearly, taken to extremes, this thought is a potential black hole of stress. That's probably because I stated it in the negative (old habits die hard), but I'm feeling it in the positive. How much more hope there is, if any one of us can help.
  • There's no such thing as "too late". Even on the brink of madness, in great pain, people can turn their lives, if not around, at least back towards the light. It's a privilege to watch.
  • I can feel. It has been in there all the time. Let's see where listening, for a change, takes me.


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Wow, I am impressed! Such great words. I feel the power in these!

"I am a good person and worthy of love. I know what I do counts and so I act accordingly. I love myself and I take care of myself willingly. I can feel all my fear and grief. I grow at my own pace. I belong here. There is hope and solutions. Things change and I can handle it. My feelings, my needs and my opinions are important to me. I am ok, thank you!"


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when I read the title to your blog entry, I totally thought you were gonna make some sort of reference that you were gonna make like a banana and split, I can't believe I was wrong!

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You didn't like "Time flies..."? :-P

It's a favorite of mine.

Heh. Am I really that corny? (You don't have to answer that.)

It's good to hear you smile, even if I have to read between the lines.

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ha, right now we're just in the process of pulling the tax bills of multiple owners, appeals, overbills etc, we didn't even start folding and stuffing yet :(

Yeah, you're so right, it is a death of a thousand cuts!

Plus, by tomorrow I'm gonna need the chiropractor!

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Around here, Takeout Taxi will go around and bring you takeout from restaurants that don't deliver themselves. For a fee, of course.

Maybe I should stop distracting you, huh? :-P

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