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Getting the Right Brain



I just wanted to inform you all that I think 'finding my way' is contagious.

No, not swine flu. She has been teaching me to draw, indirectly, using a book called "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain". It's fascinating. Not all of the author's theories, necessarily. I think those are mostly given so that adult readers will suspend disbelief long enough to try the exercises.

I, for one, went into this denying that I had any skill at all at drawing. I've tried, half-heartedly, on my own, and I've taken classes in things like calligraphy, which I enjoyed. I just thought that I would be incapable of doing anything that didn't include a lot of structure, the way writing letters does. Drawing freehand seemed like something only other people could do.

But after having far less difficulty doing it than I expected, I realized that there are many activities that I engage in every day that use the right brain. I'm aware that even my work, which is very left-brained engineering in some ways, has a component of creativity that linear thinking can't match.

So why didn't I know I was doing it? Denial. My censor feels very threatened by anything right-brained, feelings or creativity. He fears that I might do something he doesn't understand the reasons for.

Anyway, the amazing thing has been that with this realization has come an immediate loss of power for the censor guy. He's still there, but he somehow doesn't even seem that upset. It's as if I learned something I knew all along, but had forgotten. Had made myself forget.

In exchange, I feel free, and I feel free to feel. It is so incredible a change ... and I don't know if it will last. I might get scared and go back, who knows? But for right now, I'm going with it, just as hard as I can.

So, I still can't draw all that well; it was only one lesson, really. But I've learned that now it's just a matter of learning technique. There's no reason inside of me that I can't learn to draw. More importantly, there are so many new avenues opening up for me that maybe learning to draw for real isn't a high priority right this minute. But I'm having a great time with everything, so it's all okay.

So I'm very grateful to 'finding' for pointing this path out to me, and for giving me a reason to get started on it.


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I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finding, if you're reading this, I think you're very contagious too!!!!! (In a good way)

Malign, are you reading the book too?? I started reading it yesterday:) I used to do calligraphy too!!!!!!!!!!!

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A lightbulb just went off in my head....................

Wouldn't it be so cool if we took over the world and converted everyone into arty right brained people?!!!!!!!!!!!

The world would be like a masterpiece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We could start an art movement!!!!!!!!!! ...............or else an art cult....................

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I can't draw upside down: the blood rushes to my head. :-P

Would it be the cult of exclamation points, Invizzy?

Now I'm picturing your head lit up from the inside ... Which might make a cool artwork, by the way.

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Never say "I can't" (Ha, I do it alllllllllll the time!!!). That was the one rule we had to keep in our art room last year!

The cult of being right brained and banning the ability to be left brained and exclamation points aswel. I use lots of exclamation points when I'm in a good mood.

That is a good idea Malign, Now I'm gonna do a portrait of me later with a lit up head!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well, I can just imagine a roomful of teenagers moaning "I can't!" to every assignment. Okay, I'll stop.

"I think I can, I think I can, ..." I used to love the Little Red Engine.

That's a lot of work for just one cult. Can't we just stick to one thing and do it well? Plus, if you completely ban my left-brain, I'm going to be unable to talk. (Stop thinking it's still a good idea.)

Sweet, I'd love to see what you do with the portrait. :-)

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If it turns out good I'll make it my next avatar!!!!!!!!


If it turns out bad, noone will ever see it..................

Someday I will convert the world to vegetarianism and right brainedness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Aw, you don't really want a world where we're all the same.

Now, it wouldn't be bad if we all took the time to grow up a little, and get back in touch with our child parts. :-)

With whom you seem to already be well-connected. :-P

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Oh, I didn't know that... Nah, I'm gonna marry a rockstar!!!!!!!!!! I just have to find one first... Maybe I'll never get married. . All I know is that I want to drive a hippy van someday, like the one in scooby doo;)

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Well, find one, find one you like, find one who likes you back ... It's a longer process than you seem to think. :-)

Yah, being happy is more important than being married. Sometimes you get lucky, and they happen together.

That's an interesting dream ... All it takes is some paint, and a van, though. It's achievable.

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Well, okay, then, but now you have to find a rock star who you like who likes you who'll drive you places. You're at risk of running out! :-)

If I can learn to draw without having accidents, my guess is that you can learn to drive without accidents. Maybe you need left-brain exercises the way I need right-brain ones.

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Maybe you're right. Maybe I could learn to ride a motor bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's a good idea!!!!!!!!!! That could be my special talent!!! drawing is a lot easier and less dangerous than driving.....

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Yeah, well ... My brother used to work in a hospital emergency room. They used to call motorcycles "donor-cycles", because death by head injury makes you an ideal organ donor.

Please take care? :-)

Easier? I drive every day, but I have only just started drawing. Less dangerous? My mind is still blown by it. ;-)

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I know. ;-)

It's wonderful to have all your opportunities in front of you. Just to know that you could do them. It makes it fun for us old folks to talk to you, because of that. ('finding' may hurt me for including her in that thought...)

It's also what makes it sad for us that there are times when you lose sight of all the possibilities there are out there for you.

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You're hardly that old...!!! It sounds like you're still young at heart! You dedicated this blog to her so I don't think she'll hurt you this time...

Sometimes it seems like there are no possibilities...

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Heh. Sometimes you make me feel old. ;-)

I am looking after my cardiac age, yes. Trying to see the world through younger eyes, again. It takes an effort, sometimes, but it's worth it, every time.

I know, Blossom (and I'm just going to pre-emptively start calling you that), everyone has times when it seems like there's nowhere to go. And some of us more than most; it's called 'depression'. I was hoping you could mark this moment in time in your memory, to use when the depression starts to tell you those lies. It's the kind of fight where you have to make your own weapons, after all: all the action happens inside your own head.

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