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Visiting my dad



Well, it's been a busy social week for me, hasn't it?

Tonight, I arranged to drop by my dad's retirement-home apartment for an hour or so, before I go home. I can tell he's been lonely, recently, and I don't call him nearly often enough ...

Meh. I have guilt, but that's not why I'm going. I do enjoy getting to talk with him, and lord knows the time is limited. There are just a few awkward moments, because he refuses to stimulate himself much at all, any more. No reading (he used to read all the time), no TV, he shouldn't be driving, etc. It leaves very little to talk about, except my marital and financial woes. And I hate that he might feel that was the only reason I come around.


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Good luck visiting your dad, you must be drained, especially after last night.

I know only too well about awkward silences that occur with parents. My father (now deceased) use to just sit in his chair towards the end and wait for me to speak, but hed kill the conversations as soon as they started by only answering me yes or no. Seriously good luck for tonight

Take care

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My dad's not so bad. He misses my mom, who died last fall. And he has a mildly grumpy way about him that doesn't bother me, being a) used to it, and :) a bit like that myself, at times. :-)

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Well, hope you spend some quality time with him. Regardless of the grumpy disposition, I am sure he appreciates you visiting a lot. Good on you for going. It may not be all fun and games but it is so important!

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