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Out the window



Wow, I thought I had everything straight, about what I wanted out of the divorce. We were going to try to fix up the house, gradually, and try to sell it as the market improved. There was no hurry; where was I going to go, anyway?

Hah. That's all out the window, now.

(Okay, this is short because of the time. I'll ponder on it some more tomorrow.)


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alright, well. we'll be waiting impatiently for the rest of the post... I mean patiently, as we are very patient people [we, is me, as I have such a large ego that I refer to myself as 'we' now] :P

Have a good nite!

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Yes. I will. Better Queen of Hearts I suppose than the queen of pain ['king of pain' it would be if I were a boy, and from the Police].

Ponder away. And I am still waiting on reading more. Take care, king of hearts.

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