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Yep, it's an early entry into the old bloggy; I realized I forgot yesterday.

I may be a bit busier over the next two days at work. I'm trying to get Monday off so I can have a long weekend. In fact, I'm really excited about going somewhere this weekend, but it's a secret where. Yes, I know; this is just going to get me besieged with questions, but my seals are lipped. Yes, even if you tickle me.

Perhaps I'm just trying to get tickled.

But I'm in a bit of a whirl, trying to get everything squared away so I can even do it. I do need to learn a way to discipline myself to substitute for my old "censor". He wasn't big on fun. I need something that will let me have fun and still keep me safe (enough).

I'll get there, though. I could use a short period of lax discipline, anyway. ;-)


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I'm sorry; I'm liking giddy. :-P

I'll write a dictionary entry for you.

teaseriness: n. 1. [from M.E. (Malign English) teasery, the act of teaseration.] the quality or quantity of excessive teasation. 2. more specifically, that which I do to you.

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I wasn't rubbing it in, you know.

I usually get my euphoria from Diet Coke, after all.

This is definitely better.

My mother was English. I was cured of ever wanting tea again just from my childhood. :-)

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Ha! Diet coke makes me want to puke! I'm all about the sugar :)

I like tea, but only with lots of sugar, so I don't drink it cause I feel like it puts melted sugar on my teeth, and you know, I'm trying to avoid cavities!

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Yeah, I used to like Coke and couldn't stand Diet.

Then I went on a diet, and went sugar-free turkey.

Now I can't stand regular Coke.

Yeah, I do sugar in tea and coffee. It's bad enough I have to drink them without making me do it unsweetened. Alex likes a lot of sugar, too. But he's skinny and always too hot. I suspect he has the metabolism of a common hummingbird.

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When I was younger I worked in a movie theater and I drank so much diet coke that the mere thought makes me feel sick! Now I rarely drink soda, I just have to have my water, but when I do drink soda, it's definitely coke! (Like you needed to know all that :) )

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My mom was English, my dad's Scottish.

So we would have had tea, even if it were illegal here.

Which I don't think it is ... ;-)

(I'm ignoring 'tour', she's not tickling hard enough.)

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I think it's the fizzy bubbles. :-)

Frankly, for me, it's the caffeine. I don't much care for coffee or tea, though I can drink either one, if you give me enough sugar.

There's not much plot to my writing, most of the time. :-)

We're just having fun. I highly recommend it.

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