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what I want in a relationship and a man



no hang ups: I want a guy who has no hang ups that are triggering me:

meaning, not thinking that religion is all bad...like Y.

Or that he hates jealous girls...

that he needs 'space',

or that he is unable to sleep with someone...

or that he doesn't 'believe' in marriage.

or that he can't have children ever...If he doesn't want to have children... maybe, but if the hang up is very full on and there's absolutely no way. then it's kind of fucked. I mean, this is a reality of life, that, one might get pregnant if one has sex... I am not entirely sure I want kids myself. Not right now anyway. I want someone who's open, not pushy like Ralph... Not on a timeline. Just honestly open. Just in case. And able to be a father.

I want someone who doesn't have hang ups in bed. no addiction to porn or masturbation. Who can control themselves and when they come a bit. Who can give me pleasure. Want to give me pleasure.

I want someone who has a living.

I want someone who's fit.

I want someone who is similarly intelligent.

I want someone who is affectionate.

I want someone who isn't all flirty and need all the women attention.

I want someone who has dealt with their past. Talks to his family for one! Not all dramatic...


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