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September 6, 2009



Couldn't sleep again. I faltered a bit on the dish washing the past few days. And the living room is dirtier than ever. Our neighbor's kids were just there this evening and my daughter had a great time with them. I didn't try to straighten up afterward, because I had a feeling that I wouldn't be able to finish, and I didn't want that. It was either I do it or I don't do it at all. Perhaps it's another sign of my OCD.

Later after I look around this forum, I might decide to clean up, if I still can't sleep.


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hi OCDmom

sounds like you had a fun evening , i wouldnt worry too much about doing the house work....theres always tomorrow. I know your trying realy hard with it at the moment...but isnt it the thought that counts ?

Just chill and reflect on the lovely evening you had.

take care


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