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The Fairy Godfather, part 1 [reprinted]



In honor of Sulking Sue and the Four Smileys, a fairy tale of sorts:

Once upon a time, there was a fairy godfather. Yes, godfather. No, not the Mafia kind. Do you want a story or not?

Okay, then ... He was just an ordinary guy, really. They hadn't even trained him. One day, a pair of ruby slippers and a wand appeared in the mailbox; no note, nothing. After debating how his hairy calves would look sticking out of hard red pumps, he tried them on, and what a thrill it was!

Not only did his legs look better than ever, but he could fly! He just had to imagine where he wanted to be, and he was there. So, of course, when he finally got back from the harem of the Sultan of Arabia, he just had to try the wand.

Swish! Just a flick of the wrist, and the people around him were smiling and happy! It was just like magic, only it really happened! Well. Once he had swished a few times, just because it was fun to make all the sales clerks at the grocery store happy and friendly, he realized that a talent like this should not be wasted. He would seek out unhappy people, and be their fairy godfather.

He met many unhappy people in his travels, and he used everything in his power to make them happy again. Luckily, that was exactly his special power, so things were going very well, when ....

[To Be Continued] :-)

Night-night, now, children. Try not to allow the bedbugs to feast on your tender flesh ... Wait, why are you all running away screaming? (Has anyone ever thought seriously about the things we say to children just before bedtime, and then we hope they'll manage to sleep?)

Meh, my bedside manner could use some work.


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