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The Fairy Godfather, part 2 [reprinted]



Things were going well for our fairy godfather, when, one day, he met Sulking Sue. He tried, as he had with so many others before her, to take away her sadness with a wave of his wand. But! Some of her sadness remained.

He asked her, "Why are you still sad, Sue?"

She said, "I'm afraid it's a long story, kind sir, do you have time?"

He said, "No, it's no problem, there would have been a huge gap right here if you didn't have a story to tell ..."

"May I, then?" she cut him off.

"Certainly," he muttered.

"Right, then. You see, they've taken my Four Smileys from me, and I'm on a quest to get them back. One day, long ago, I ran afoul of a band of pixies. They stole the Spark of Life from me, and until I can find it again, they will keep my Smileys as hostages. If I can ever find my Spark again, though, the pixies will give me back my Smileys, and let us live in peace.

"In searching for my Spark, I have already passed through many ordeals. At one point, I was cursed to hear voices and was forced to delay my quest while I sought out the wizards who knew the cure. As soon as I thought myself cured, I left their protection to continue my search, but I fell ill again and was forced to return to the wizards. Yet the second time with the wizards, I was doing well. They taught me how to find the dry tinder that I would need, and where to seek the flint with which to strike the Spark. I set off again, more hopeful than ever, but sadly, that was when I chanced to meet an evil ogre.

"The ogre thought me just a weak human whom he could imprison. He wanted the makings of a Spark of Life of his own, because such things are forbidden to ogres. He stole my flint and tinder, and thought to keep me captive. But I was stronger than he knew, and fought my way free of him. However, now I am sad because he has my flint and tinder, and I cannot make my Spark without it."

Hearing this sad and space-filling story filled the fairy godfather with a desire to help, even though this sort of thing was a bit out of his league, and all. So he paused to think what to do ...

Good night, all good children, and the rest of you lot, too. Take good care of yourselves until the next installment.


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