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The Fairy Godfather, part 4 [reprinted]



The fairy godfather returned to where he had left Sulking Sue, carrying the flint and tinder he had recovered from the ogre for her.

She jumped up joyfully and took them from him. Unwilling to wait any longer, she crouched down, put the tinder between her feet, and struck the two flints together until a bright Spark of Life flew into the kindling and ignited it. Guarding the tiny flame jealously in her hands, she used it to light the lantern she carried. Closing the door carefully, she looked up triumphantly.

"I have it at last! The Spark of Life! Oh, thank you, fairy godfather! Now I can go to the pixies, and they will have to give me back my Four Smileys! How can I ever thank you enough?" she exclaimed in a single breath.

"You could breathe more ... No, really, just doing my job, no need to thank me. Just take good care of the Smileys and have a good life," said the godfather, somewhat embarrassed at completing his first real quest.

Well, it took a lot more reassurances and "you're welcomes" and "it was nothing reallys", but eventually Sue turned off on the road to the land of the pixies, smiling back over her shoulder at the godfather, narrowly missing a tree branch that would have knocked her back into last week, and made the godfather do all of this all over again.

Watching her out of sight, to make sure it was really over and not just a trick of the narrator's intended to make this story last even longer than it already has, the godfather finally sighed and pointed the ruby slippers towards home.

"Another day, another nuclear ogre high colonic."

And with that unforgettable tagline, he soared into the sunset, slightly scorching the slippers in the process.

[To Be Continued, probably, particularly if you little boys and girls are mean to each other or won't go to sleep when you're told.]


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