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The day after



My driveway seemed to have been washed recently. Probably last night, the dog pooped there again, thus a driveway that's still damp from washing. (If you would call splashing water over pee washing.)

But this morning, so far so good. My neighbor seems to be mad at me. (She gave me looks when I tried to make small talk to her.)

Imagine that.:rolleyes:


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Hi therre OCDmom

so the battle of the dog toilet still continues ?:mad:

what a nerve your neighbour has, to give YOU dirty looks, she is the one with the problem pet not you !!!:confused:

I dont know if you have any pets yourself, that could seek a little revenge.:)

perhaps you could borrow one from someone just for a day or two ?;)

just a thought

take care hun


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Oh, thanks for sympathizing with me, Sue, and I love ya for it!

Maybe I was just a bit sensitive at the time. She was probably not feeling well. Did I mention she was old? Late 50's. And she often looks that way, tired. Sometimes we look angry when we're tired, don't we?

I'm not so angry with her as much as I'm angry at the attitude of the other people in their house. When they leave the house, they often don't bother closing the gate behind them. Like it's my aunt (yes, she's my aunt) who is solely responsible for the actions of her dog. I don't see them exerting any effort when it comes to keeping the dog within their house.

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hi ya

What is it with people and gates ?

Do you think that gates are just too complicated for some people to comprehend ?:confused:

Or more likely, do you think that some people are just too lazy and inconsiderate to use them properly ?;)

Age is a funny thing isnt it ?

when i was a kid i thought 20 was old,

when i was 20 i thought 30 was old

when i was 30 i thought 40 was old

im not far off 40 now, and ive realised im OLD:eek:

(still have not grown up though, just gotten older !!!!):)

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But rather than say all that again,

will you do me a favour and just re read what i wrote !!!:o

im kinda tired right now

well no thats not entirely true

i think mainly im just too darn LAZY !!!:D

take care


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