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Second Assessment



We had our second assessment last Monday. I passed, thank goodness. I was really worried I was going to get a second memo after that.

Along with our classes we have role playing with the regular call agents. This is to prepare us for the next step which is taking actual calls for an hour or so. Not enough, though. We're going to take our first calls next week, and I've barely even memorized all the basic information on the account. And on top of that, we have to be aware of the updates that are posted almost everyday.

I really feel like I barely have my head out of water with all the things that I have to manage in my mind. And my body is longing for sleep more than ever. I'm also worried that my meds are no longer helping me. I feel irritable and sensitive nowadays. But maybe it's just that time of month. I have my period right now (maybe that's it!).


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