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Comments for Fairy Godfather versus Himself



All -

I set the new story up so that comments are moderated (I get to approve them before they post). That's so that I can write the story all in one place. This thread is here specifically for any comments people want to make; that way, I can keep the story all in one piece, but still allow comments.

Fire away.


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hi ya godgramps :)

so like whens part 4 then eh eh eh eh EH?

your working so hard on this hun, and well its got a real good chance of a very happy ending, one where the Fairy godfather will eventually live happily ever after. im not just saying that, I believe it with all my heart :)

take care hun


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Ok, like eh, come again ?

Please dont tell me you have to wear those god awful surgical stockings. that make you liook and feel like a mummy from one of them pyramyd thingies in egypt :eek:

( joking hun, Im not that thick yet )

You always new the answer mark, you had it all the time, you just needed to find the belief to go with your answer.

Im happy for you :)

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You had to wear surgical stockings? Did you look good in them, 'cause you could always nick a pair ... :-)

Knowledge, belief, after a while, it's all words, and you're right, you just have to go with your answer.

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