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Well I Tried



My Mama use to always say, "Nothing Beats a Failure But a Try."

And Lord knows I tried yesterday. I tried to do that cleaning.

I looked and I looked at those 2 rooms. I got one half of the 2 rooms cleaned. Well there's always next year. And it will be here soon..

Progress was made though. I retreated back to the sofa But I didn't sleep all day. I didn't even take a nap.

The weather outside is awful. Gloomy dark dank wet cold not conducscive to my mood, popping meds or chemical imbalance.

I wonder if I'm making excuses or using it as a crutch?

I almost had a crying spell yesterday. I had to telephone a Mental Health Peer to Peer Support Crisis Line.

I talked they listened and we exchanged dialogue. They felt I was being alittle hard on myself.

I dunno my belly is rumbling I wish I had a cook. My stomach is hungry lol.

Have a Great Day Everybody.


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Chef Boyardee! :-)

Or a microwave can cook fairly well ...

You know, cleaning 2 whole rooms in one day might simply be too much. It'll only take 4 days if you do it by halves. You could do it twice before the New Year! :-)

"Baby steps", they say.

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Thank you malign!

I managed to open the fridge and reheat food my belly is full.

All my shades and blinds are up that's a marked improvement since I'm in the house alone.

I didn't even think about doing the rooms in HALVES.

Wow! What a fabulous idea I can do that yep I can get that done.

Baby steps.....i get it now.

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When I'm depressed, I'm lucky if I get what they call "forward progress" in football. :-)

The way I see it, you didn't "try" to clean, you did clean. It's okay if you didn't clean as much as you planned.

I hope you have all the lights on? I hate gloomy days.

You can do it, Vicki.

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ok I just the other half of the room done. so amazingly the entire room has been completed. well almost. the carpet needs to be vaccumed but not today. I'm exhausted.

I only had one short crying spell and even that's ok.

But I did it in Baby Steps. Sue kept trying to tell me the samething... Babysteps.

So all in all today has been a good day.

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