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Why Do They Always Leave



How come everytime I get to takin my meds goin to therapy cleanin out my closet makin great strides in my life the closest of close girlfriend gets to pulling and pulling further away. It never fails.

I just had myself a cry. And it wasn't even a cry. I shedded some tears. But the Ball is gonna fall down in a few days for 2010 and if some can't accept the changes Oh well....

I swear it always happens with the one who was like a sister to me.

I dunno...


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People hate change, Vicki.

Sometimes, they don't even realize they're doing it.

Who knows, if you bring it up, it might help. And some will accept your change, once they get accustomed to it. And the ones that can't ... you said it, Oh well.

Just another change, really. There will be other friends.

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Thanks Malign!

I brought this to her attention and it sent her into a defensive tailspin. So I backed up and said silently ok.

Everytime I dial her number she either doesn't answer it or has to call me back. She won't respond to my text messgs. She just ignores me now.

I miss her we've been friends for over a decade. The kind where we talked at least 2 or 3 times a day. Now that I'm getting myself mentally healthy she doesn't want to deal with me. Oh well.

Have a Blessed Day and Thanks for your support I needed that!


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