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We are all here for you hun, Judges are Aholes so are the legal systems. knock em for 6 tomorrow hun.

and make them APPOLOGISE to you for all the unnecessary pain and hurt they have caused you and your family.

You can do this hun, I will be right there with you in spirit and in my heart, we all will be.

good luck, stay strong, and HOLD YOUR HEAD UP HIGH :)

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Well when I walk in the courtroom with this atty their mouths are gonna drop. I wish I could take a snapshot they're finally gonna figure it out I'm not playing. And I don't have to do any talking tomorrow. I just have to show up. its going down an I thank u 4 your support

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Wish I could be there with you hun, pity you cant take a pic on your phone. your not allowed to though unfortunately.

Oh thats good you dont have to do any talking :)

You dont need to thank me hun, you do the same for me.

hope it all turns out for you

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don't worry when I get back in here I will let you know. its a shocker though that after 2 decades he still won't let it go. talking about don't wanting to move on. he's got issues 4real

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Thats some jerks for ya, mine aint letting go and its only been 2 and a half years, dont think I can last 20 :)

Cant wait for you to get back on line tomorrow, to let us know how you got on. Hope he finally gets the message,

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