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Wednesday and back at work



I can't believe I am back here, been away since December 18th and now I am back. Need to manage the stress and keep things cool in my head.....cope, simply cope.

so.....some random thoughts to start the day

why does our society revere money so much and why are people forever comparing their lives with the lives of others as a barometer of happiness.

why not make happiness the priority, it is all that matters

why not try and impact someone positively and as a result, impact yourself

finally a joke

Mother Teresa is sitting in the convent is Calcutta at the end of a very hot and humid day, very tired and very exhausted. She is alone in her office and looking for some relief from the heat she removes her hat and top....

She is sitting at her desk and there is a message on the intercom..."Mother Teresa, there is a deaf man here to see you" Mother Tersea thinks for a moment and says, "I am sooo tired and sooo hot, please tell the deaf man to return tomorrow".

a moment later there is another intercom message "Mother Teresa, there is a leper here to see you" again, she thinks for a moment and says "I am sooo tired and sooo hot, please tell the leper to return tomorrow"

another moment passes and the intercom rings again "Mother Teresa, there is a blind man here to see you" She thinks for a moment and since he is blind and cant see her undressed decides to let him in. "please send the blind man in" she says.

The blind man walks in and says.......hey, Mother Teresa, great boobs, I am here about your blinds.

Hope this offended no one and it is read in the spirit it was intended....humor.


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Wow you've had a nice vacation from work. At least I hope its been nice.

Well welcome back. Happy New Year and all that good cheer. Glad to hear things are good with you.

I wish you a stress free day!


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I saw a bumper sticker on a truck one day that said:

"Caution: this truck driven by a blind guy."

Sure enough, the truck belonged to guy who installed window coverings.

On the other question ... I can't tell you why people are so often idiots. It seems to be built-in. :-)

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Morning went by without incident. Coping well and feeling a little too high. At the top end emotionally right now and always afraid of how my thoughts come out, at least the thoughts I am able to organize.

While the high end is much more manageable than the bottom I do tend to get myself into trouble as my thoughts can become words rather quickly.

Unfortunately this will not last for many days and I will be back down in no time. This is the problem with rapid cvcling.......

Glad to hear no one has been offended so far. Crossed a couple lines of good taste.....body parts and religion.

No offense intended.

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