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A tragedy that made me cry



Today is the day that I decided to make my whole home look clean and welcoming and I had a good night sleep so as to have the energy and fun to do it. But they say that you shouldn't leave for tomorrow what you can do today. So today I woke up before my alarm clock waked me up. The phone rang. It was my mom. Then I saw a message that said not to forget to call her. So I called her before I even woke up.

In the island she and dad lives and I grew up, a tragedy has occured last night, but she said she prefered to tell me in the morning cause she knows how sensitive I am.. In the island she and dad lives, and I grew up, a family we know, were just destroyed yesterday. A very good, very peacefull family. I couldn't believe it. I opened the internet and though I opened the news I didn't want to look. I looked about Haiti (I know THAT is a disaster!) and other stuff but eventually I clicked on it.

The older son (aged 22) killed the young (18) with a knife. At first I wanted to believe he is not killed. Then I saw it in internet and I knew it's just the hope you feel when you hear something you don't want to believe. It's not that I actually have spoken to the kids, it's I always thought they are such a nice family. I still believe they are...but no now they are a destroyed family.

The two boys quarelled as news said (I assume from the ages and the location that happened that they were living together in the city for studies. Quarells is something common when 2 brothers/sisters have to live alone and manage together the responsibilities of adult life). The youngest said something to morally abuse the elder one. The elder grubbed a knife and then he tried to sueside but he didn't manage. His father (his father is an angel, I am so sory for him-I don't even want to imagine how he feels) found him wondering in the big city roads hours later and persuaded him to surrender to the police.

You can't imagine how sorry I am. I wish the little kid could live again-I know it is impossible!

Mostly I remember the face of the "killer" though and I remember that his brother looked like him. It's funny, I can't believe he deserves to be called a killer. I really have good feelings for this kid. I don't know who to feel more sorry for. Him, his brother, his parents? I can't imagine their parents grief. They have not one reason to feel the tragedy. First for the son who is gone forever. Then for the son who has destroyed his life in a blink of an eye. His record now is spoiled and he is not even underage to have a better treatment from the judges. Then for the fact that his own son is that person who did it to the other son. I don't know how they can handle this. Feel sorry for the eldest son, or anger against him? Or both?

I definately (of course not in the same extend) feel sorry for both kids and the fact that he is going to jail, and after years the whole island, his whole life will show him in the road and say "look at the murderer". Sorry for the other kid who is the ultimate victim and he has only lived for 18 years? Sorry for the parents who I like so much and I don't like the fact that they have to get through all this?

I am crying again as I write to you.

Oh! That's a very nice day to prepare a birthday party!

Sorry for the "black" post today, it's just that blogs are about reality and that new is hunting my day.

Positive thought of the day?

"I respect and love life and that energy attracts others who are openhearted and loveable like me"

Yeah, right!

Anyway, it is supposed to be a bet with myself to have positive thoughts all year through. At least I can force me to write them down.

Take care all of you!


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I'm sorry for your lost and I'm sendind lots of hugs to you.

I'm sitting on my sofa right now watching what is taking place in Haiti. This is a world crisis and disaster. This is sad.

I just finished making a donation. And me and my mother are going to take cases of bottled water canned goods and soaps etc down to one of the main headquarters where they are shipping out supplies to the people.

I have folks (missionaries) from my neighborhood who are missing.

I have been glued to the tv and radio since this first happened.

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Of course I never said that my story is a bigger disaster that Haiti, but if you know the other in person it's more likely to be touched and cry for this one person than a million strangers.

So I saw in tv what happened. Poor people, as if they didn't have enough to worry about! They showed some parents holding their kids hands and they said that a view like this is rare and the few children who still have their parents are lucky. It's so sad to know that people are burried and could be saved if they had the means. Now the hours cound against them. There are people that says "we here alive people, but we've got nothing to get them out but our hands and we can't move the walls with our hands". Imagine a family member being in there and you just can do nothing!!!

I also get angry when I see that the main tragedy and shaking news is the buildings of government, united nation organization etc and then with little letters they just say "oh and many homes are destroyed..." Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, if they ever payed attention to those people they wouldn't be amongst the 200 poorest countries in the world and their homes would be decent ones who might not fall on their heads. So a little less publicity than the poor united nation organization won't harm them more than they are right now...

I tried too to send a message (where I saw in a greek page in net that if you do, they donate money), but it wouldn't be sent.. Maybe there is some other way by bank or something. I'll keep my eyes open.

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Huh? I'm a bit confused? I wasn't trying to say that the situation in Haiti was far more tragic than the Families loss which you had mention.

I'm sorry if it came out like that. I would never ever try to even compare the two.

Grief is grief and loss is loss and death is death. It has its pain. My apologies if it seemed or appeared as if I had dismissed or reduced the loss of his young life.

That has to be very painful for that family...very painful. My heart and prayers goes out to them. For two siblings to disagree and have an outcome like that is a Tragedy.

So I hope you've have a good and peaceful day and my prayers are with ya.


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No no my dear friend! I didn't think you implied that! I

just wanted to make clear that it was more a shock for me -the family tragedy- than the Haiti one and cleared up why, because I thought it would sound a little stupid to imply that Haiti victims are concidered a less tragedy by me than my few known people.

Anyway, I am good. I think about them now and then but without so much sorrow. I have to look after my home today so... while cleaning up I find that like dust, my anxieties go away too.

Have a nice day Vicky!


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Hey Lady!

I've been offline for the weekend and it was a really good weekend too. How was yours?

My boyfriend came to town. How is the family that lost their son? My city has been doing a lot for the people in Haiti.

I did a lot of things this weekend I had a lot of fun. I hope your weekend was well. I'm probably rambling coz I'm tired I need to take myself to bed or at least I need to lay down. Well just wanted to say Hi.

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Hello hello,

very nice of you to say hi!

Well I don't know about the family. I suppose not so good.

I also had fun in the weekend. It was my birthday on Monday so I had a little tiny party in Saturday.

And that reminds me to start a new blog page!

See you there!

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