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31 and still smiling



Hello to whoever happens to read my blog,

hope you are having a good time!

After my brief dissapearance ;) here I am again to express everything that's happening in my poor heart and my rich mind (hehe! Positive thinking is doing it's work -lol).

Well the sorrow for the tragic family is going away.

And my precious birthday is over eventually.

Did you know? It lasted 3 days, yes!

First day was my birthday party on Saturday. My loving guests couldn't make it on the real day (Monday) so... from that day and while waiting for my real birthday, I was feeling that it's not over yet.

I cooked for them and even though 4 of the foods were something I risked cause I made for the first time of my life, I managed it with success (I even had a compliment for the main dish!).

The good thing (or maybe not?) was that my best friend made me a birthday cake and putted 31 little candles on. Not two pieces of the number. 31 whole candles. The candles where many, the cake was small and I was feeling like an overage lady. I told her that she is not a good friend -just to teaze her -but even myself couldn't believe in that as at the same time, both she and my bf kissed me and nibbled me on the cheek, telling me how sweet I am and that I couldn't possibly be 31 -I look like a teenager (I look a lot younger-that's a fact and my bf always says "is this girl at her 30's??"). Everyone had grabbed me from one chik. That was a happy moment hehe!

The 'bad' thing is that I forgot to make a wish before blowing off the candles. But anyway, I am 31 now, I know WE make our own destiny. And that day I had the two most beloved persons celebrating my birthday.

Wow I just made a thought! On Monday I went shopping. It was just a coicidence that I bought my first anti-rinkle creme ever, the excact day of my birthday. But I liked this purchase. I am a happy 31 woman now WITH an antirinkle creme in my bathroom. That is called to "grow up and have everything you need".

Well today the day is positive, I don't know why, it just is. Maybe because I read a lot after some days my self help books. And I also wrote down my achievements of these few days.

Sooooo a positive day like that, has to go with the POSITIVE THOUGHT OF THE DAY:

I value and respect myself. I don't care about other people's opinion.

Oh my! My favourite tv programme must have started already. They make fun of the stupid things that happens in tv, everything that makes it a rubbish, even politicians (or should I say, mostly them?). Time for a good laugh before sleap.

Take care all of you!


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Well, when I was younger, I memorized the Greek alphabet, because the letters are often used here in scientific and math publications. So I was just guessing. :-)

Then I went to Babelfish and got the real letters.

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Thanx for the friendship!

I was looking in your page, trying to find if you have a blog or something but i don't know where to look. It would be a pitty only to be interested about my own blog and world..

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Hey You!

I'm reading your blog and I'm having a good time. Its been a good day. Its been a good week.

But anyways.... I'm sure you don't need any wrinkle cream or any anti aging agents lol. I'm glad you've had a wonderful Bday.

I had so much fun with my sweetie this weekend I miss him madly right now.

Oh Well.....

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My dear really,

thanx for passing by!

And yes, I don't really need any creme now, but when I will be in need of it, it will be toooooo late...

Don't worry about your sweetie... is it like my situation? Meet each other on weekends?


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