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Love addiction or the lack of



"This includes staying with someone who gives little or not love or affection and never promises any kind of real commitment."

Well that didn't happen to me this time. I am glad for it, even if I am alone. It is strange though. I know that if I would have been drawn in by more 'attributes' that I like, I would have stayed. Maybe.

I just need to keep that in mind.

Change is extremely difficult to achieve, but I still refuse to believe that someone cannot change.

Right now I feel that my hopes and my ideas on how I could run my life don't match how I actually run my life and it brings some anxiety. Either I need to lower my expectations for myself, or change my behavior some more.

It is hard because I see, or I think I see other people achieving what I think is a healthy way to run their life and I feel I have little motivation to do it myself, even if I dream of it.

I want my dreams to match my reality a little more.


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