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Its Been a Good Day!



The sun came out right before I left the house. I hadn't seen it in weeks.

I walked got fresh air an exercise and was able to disregard the mean and hateful stares.

Some people are just miserable but I'm determined to no longer let them destroy my mood nor my life. They're just strangers.

I refilled my prescriptions, bought me a few things at the market and some writing utensils.

Pens, papers, stationery & a couple of greeting cards to send my sweetie and friends out of town.

I came home telephoned some people who haven't heard from me in months. They were glad to hear from me. No questions asked.

My computer is on and I'm going to start writing an article in just a short time.

I haven't written an article, a sentence or a paragraph in so many months but today is the day.

I've learned the word BALANCE.

I can do them both.

Have a Personal Life and a Professional Life. I don't have to sacrifice neither one.

So the word for today is BALANCE.

God Bless Everyone.


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Glad to hear you have had a great day!!!

Sunshine makes me feel better too.

If you are comfortable with it, please send me some of your writing, I would really like to hear your views.

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