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Dear Journal



It doesn't rain in the same yard everyday....but while it is raining I'm going to be gentle with myself.

I'm going to forgive myself for any weakness anger frustration or inability to meet mine or anyone elses needs or wants they may have..

Thank you Journal for being such an understanding Friend.



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Oh yeah, I'm deep, I am. :-)


Nah, it's just that we all fall into grooves, when we think alone. That's why other people are like a breath of fresh air.

The forgiveness part is really good. I was just going on to the next step, the self-actuated change part. With the best attitude, it's possible to have fun (almost) every day. Not all of us are there, I'm certainly not, but I know it's possible.

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I can be my own worst critic and really really hard on myself.

so I'm going to take my own darn advice and forgive and keep forgiving myself.

I've come along ways in a short time. I've made lots of progress in these past 8 wks and I'm going to honor it. Cause 12 wks ago I couldn't have sat down to have done none of it. I had spiraled so out of control. I was so mental sick I should say.

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What a great message

My yard is looking good today and maybe, just maybe, it needs a little rain from time to time.

Don't be too hard on yourself, sometimes we all need to lighten up.

How can we meet anyone's expectations if we don't meet our own.

Hang in there and keep tryin!

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Hi there! I've read your last two blog entries including this. Just so you know, I like your humor, too. Maybe you can join our Demented Bunnies Club! Y'know, add to the craziness. We could definitely use your help. :)

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