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Hello all; it's been a long day, with another promised for tomorrow, but ... I thought I'd share what happened in therapy.

As I had expected, it took very little time to feel comfortable with the lady again; we'd been working together about two years when we stopped, eight years ago. It helped that she still works out of the same office, and the same decor. I found my eye straying back to pictures I'd stared at for long periods without ever seeing.

We touched on the highlights of my marriage, and its dissolution. She started by asking "what was I there for"; a suitably open-ended (and -sided) question. I opted to talk about some of my goals, particularly to be less prone to depression, possibly by working on my self-talk. Anyway, all in all, the therapy part was quite positive.

A couple of drawbacks: first, her prices have risen, and she's not covered directly by my insurance. I might be able to get reimbursed, but I might not. Second, her time is currently a bit fragmented, with mostly every-other-week appointments available.

But, I decided it's still worth trying, so I have an afternoon appointment, every other week, starting Monday. Now I just have to get time off, for then.

So, that's the news; back to bed, alla youse. I'll talk to you tomorrow.


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