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A seminar!



As no-one will know (heh), I deal with music and children. Well... not this year to be honest. This year is for a rest and finding my strength. But I have studied to teach music to little children, and I look forward to get started!

Well I usually have not got a good relation with my mail (I always forget to check it), so I just saw a notification for a seminar that's taking place on THIS Saturday and has to do... with my job of course. Not much money available, and at first I was not sure wether it would be wise to attent it. But as I forgot about it doing other stuff, in the evening I just felt it: I knew I can't miss it!

How wonderful, a seminar! I love seminars! I love the thought of being a 'student' again, wearing comfortable clothes, dealing with the things I like, learning some new things and see some of my old teachers and maybe old friends!

Imagine some adult people with hearts of a child, dancing and playing music and improvising and cooperating to make music and instruments... Isn't that exciting?!

Positive thought of the day? (still hope there is somebody waiting to read it...)

I like being active. It gives me energy, it tones me up, it makes me feel relaxed and full of confidence.


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