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hanging in there ....getting reaaaalllll frustrated about not having my keys so I made my husband call my therapist and Dr and figure out when I can. I told him I was leaving tomorrow if I didnt get them, I'm not a prisoner, its been almost 2 months!!! enough is enough...

Supposidly my husband said she said ok I guess but with some ground rules. I will talk to him after dinner..... I will keep you posted....

How about you? how is your day????

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oh thats good they are letting you have your car keys back :o

well ive been transferred to p/ward now. guess im trying to get used to it again.

trying to stay erm with it. get on with it and deal. im sicl of being sick. so i have decided im kicking my ass into gear and pretend that im ok, till i am. :o

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