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Thanks linda

yeah i know that I shouldnt let it get me down, its only words right,

but you know, them words cut real real deep, and make me feel more of a failure than i was already. Is this really how people treat kids in care of adoptive parents these days, oMG. it sucks and hurts so much.

and this is your blog and im kinda whinging sorry,

thankyou, i will fight like a girl one day, but for now, im just crying my heart out like a girl :o

thanks linda, for your kindness, and for backing me up on my thread.

it means a lot to me :o

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That's not how "people" treat adopted kids, it's how one troubled teenager (she's only 16) treats certain specific people she met.

I got treated the same way; it has nothing to do with adoption, sweety. It just has to do with how some teenagers treat others.

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It's ok Sue, you can use this blog to keep sharing with us.....

I'm wondering what other members feel about this whole situation though. I got real pissed off a little bit ago, I just logged on and saw one of Star's replies... ugh what a bitch, she is to ill or immature to be here and it sounds like she could use some support but sorry not at the expense of my feelings and having to be subjected to this emotional bullying..... I wouldn't tell her a damn thing she wouldn't listen anyway.... There is absolutley no remorse in her replies or attitude and reading her replies just pisses me off more so I need to stay away for a while and listen to my song that I have been playing all day: "FIGHT LIKE A GIRL" :):):)

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OK, using your blog to scream

in 3 2 1 WTF :eek:

Thankyou linda :)

Yeah oK Mark,

Whatever. Im sorry I got offended and hurt by her comments. geeze hang on just one second and i will go appologise to her. Say exactly how sorry i am that i allowed her DISCRIMINATION affect me. Her words to cut as deep as they have. yeah i will appologise at once coz my help I gave to her throughout the night just was unacceptable, and no good, useless. oh and in advance IM SO BLOODY SORRY FOR WHAT IM ABOUT TO SAY TO THE IGNORANT WOMAN

Thats right I SAID WOMAN.

She is Married. She is not 16. She is older than that.

but yeah and i really must thank her for the kindness she showed me this am.

thanks for pointing out to me yet again, just how self centered I am.

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Who said anything about apologizing to her?

What she said was ignorant and thoughtless. She should have kept it to herself.

Re-read what I wrote: every word I said was to help you fight her words, not to tell you it was okay for her to say them.

She claims to be "married" and a "housewife" one place, but to have a boyfriend and to be under the control of her mother, in another place. I'm just guessing which is the lie.

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Sorry mark I had had too much... like I said this whole thing from 1:00 this morning was just crappy to all of us and I do believe she was allowed to keep going. And I know you guys had to give her time because she is ill but at who's expense. And I dont believe anything she says so to be honest , is she some real psycho who just gets a jolly out of conflict and fights??? I dont know but I cant go near conflict like that sorry....

I meant every word i said but I do agree I shouldnt have used the "B" word but I did and believe me her 16 hrs of crap was much worse then that !!!

I am working on no sleep with Sue here:) and we make a great pair!!! :)

Thanks Sue for hanging in there with me while I basically voiced probably everyones opinions but who might have not done it, I did it.....

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Conflict isn't one of my major thrills, either, really. ;-)

But I remember how each of my friends was so hesitant, when they first came here, to reveal how "messed up" they thought they were, because they were afraid of being told to go away. It makes it harder, when I actually have to say it to someone. The only people I like to ban are spammers.

I thought most of the words you said, Linda. It's just a choice, whether to say them or not. Because, in the end, saying them just puts you on the same level, and I think you're stronger than that.

But I'm smart enough not to try to control you on it; I'm just voicing my opinion. ;-)

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It may of been frowned upon you calling her a bitch, but quite frankly i very nearly called her worse when i read her response on my thread. :mad:

I just dont get how many warnings a person gets for insulting others before something is done. By which time she hurts more and more people with her words.

And its not like if i just called her a bitch. her words were out of bloody order, hurt me beyond belief and drove me that little closer to insanity

Its easy for people to say dont lert words get to you. But how would they like salt scrubbed into a raw wound. :)

Yeah I guess im pretty wound up about it all at the moment. :)

And should probably shut up before I get a few hundred warnings :mad:

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Warn you about what, Sue? ;-)

I'm sorry you were hurt.

Sometimes "people" just try to say whatever they can to help you, even when there's nothing they can really do. No one suggested that what she said was okay, or that you should like it.

I'm off home now. I hope you both have a better night, and a better day tomorrow.

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Thanks Mark and Sue, yeah and I agree Sue it is like someone being allowed to scrub that wound I guess that is what I kept reading and couldnt keep my mouth or hands off the keyboard....:)

Ok so we move on, mark did anyone ever PM her to see what the real deal was?

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From what I understand, at least three moderators tried. I didn't get to hear the results, though.

Believe me, we weren't just sitting around thinking everything was okay. It's just a difficult decision to make, that's all.

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yeah I'm sure. I even thought at one point she settled down a little but then came some really nasty stuff and I didn't get to see what was removed and I'm glad I was logged off.... But it is true you try to treat each new member with some kid gloves so to speak, i get it....

Well I hope in a week we are not back in the same boat or worse....

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