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I think a lot of us are going through snow storms. We just had one, in Chicago, and it is supposed to keep snowing off and on today. I have to try and get out today for a few errands and an appointment with neurology tomorrow. Oh well. Have a good day.

(I was and have been exploring try to find your pictures, but I can't find them. The good thing is that I found this part of your blog.

I have a blog too -


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Hi Muse, I will check it out... yeah I am still trying to master keeping up not with just mine but all of the "new" comments in others blogs.

Have you found a way to know which blogs you have commented to?

Oh and I will put it back on my home page:)

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Hey Linda :)

Its snowing here now too :o

I love the snow, and really want to go out and play in it, like right NOW :)

Not allowed to though coz apparently its too late here :(

hows your day going ?

hope it turned out to be a good one.

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