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Windy day brinking thoughts



Today is not only raining... the wind makes you feel you have to keep out, as it strikes everything left outside of the houses! They told it in TV yesterday...beware of flying objects! (ufo's? I laughed to my mom). It's nothing the big deal as I have no job outside, but it's a little bit annoying to watch for your head all the time before you realize...there is a ceiling and everything is ok.

Anyway, for those who happen to attent my blog I haven't started my thesis yet (my mom came to town and that's a pretty good excuse-hehe!) but I have more positive feelings about it now. The reason? I just remembered that I am putting off other things that I want to do, like learning spanish, practice my quitar or finding out how to make cheap parchases from net, because I wanted to finish my thesis first. Moreover, I have to concentrate to giving my CV's and searching for a job in April or May and I don't want to have the stressfull responsibility of an unfinished thesis at the same time.

Well having saved time to do happy things is a very good motivation if you concider that not only I have postponed my (hated) thesis that makes me feel I have a job I don't want ahead of it, but also other happy things that I seek to do. And I seek to do them so much that I want to get rid of this stupid thesis as soon as possible.

So, I am going to stick to the decision not to deal with happy things till I finish with my thesis (as happy things are unlimited and the thesis would be postponed forever if that was the other way round). But to make it work I am going to make a compromise with myself. Just work on it only 2 hours a day. Just 2 hours! It's not that terrible if you think it that way.

I know the last thought comes from a book I read concidering the Kaizen system that proposes little steps at the time (if you want not to step back but walk to the success). Well it says other stuff as well like "if you don't know the answers, make little questions to yourself, and let the answer come to the surface". This gave me a wonderful idea to 'play' with! My friends!... I know them well, I know their good characteristics, but not how they manage them!

(I know now that I am a bit off the subject but only me knows that this is a chain to my next blog entrie -hehe!)

So, apart from those friends I also have got blog friends. So...next blog I know what it's going to be. A questionair (I know I killed it), from which I seek some honest answers from you about aspects in life you are good and how you manage it. Well it's better to be a post in the forum, but whatever be, the plan is to give wonderful living ideas about almost everything. Say you are good in organizing time or making yourself look young, or just having an attitude that shows other people that they can't take advantage of you or... Anyway, if this works I am going to think some answers too for a return.

As I am getting older day by day, and due to the fact that I am determinded to make my life a brilliant place and way to live, I'll be here soon, more...young, enthousiastic, beautiful and wise.

Positive thought?

I permitt myself to have a fit and healthy body

Take care!


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