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Music in my radio



Music in my web radio... I had forgotten how much music can change your mood! It's strange...Belafonte did the trick. I went into my room feeling like I was 30 years older (I am a little bit sick since yesterday night) but then opened the radio and...wow! This song I could even bring it to class and teach!

So many musics and feelings...so many ideas. I think, the only way to feel unhappy in my personal life, or out of ideas in my professional one, is forget the power of music. The variety of it. And the atmosphere it can provide...just like that.

Music, humor and imagination, I think those three aspects have a strange connection. They can promote each other-one can be born from the others, yet it's like we are talking for the same thing. They are naughty and attractive together. They can change the decoration of a room. They can lighten any problem, they can travel you and make the impossible possible.

Strange, when I started dealing with music, I didn't know anything of these things about it.

Or did I knew already?

The fact is now I can express it.

And hopefully I will work on all these three aspects from the new school year to come.

Music, imagination and humor (I hope).

And children of course!

No new possitive thoughts for today. Friday comes the new one! Who knows what music of possitive thoughts will bring...

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