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today kinda sucked but it was ok.

painting is sooooooooooo frustrating :)(

i had therapy this morning. i was reaaaaaaaaly scared... how come nothing ever happens in therapy? i dunno. i'm really confused.

then my cousin hurt me again but i don't want to talk about that.

and i've got another cold :D(


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that's a good idea star-star!!!

my vitamin c is gone missing though :o

we just finished cleaning the house.... BUT.... the housemate that made all the mess is gone home since yesterday so of course we had to clean up her mess as usual!!!!! >:(( [this is my frowney face!!]

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i'm really confused about therapy coz it makes me feel strange..

i never want to go to therapy but once i'm there and my appointment has started i don't want to leave. that's what confuses me...

maybe it makes me feel safe :o(

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