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Some celebrating, some waiting in front of a pc screen



Friday's positive thought was

I have undertake the control of my life. I am strong and it supposed to be in my mind for 3 days till today, but I just read it :o

Anyway it seemed like I had some control when I asked to babysit 2 children, but right now I am waiting for an answer. Hope the family asking for a babysitter wants to leave her babys to my hands even if I just have my good will, love and careness for children and babys, willing to do creative games with them, willing to learn things about babysitting and care from any sourse I can find, willing to follow any parents instructions, and even if I just have a combination that both the parents and the kids will love: the mature age of 31 in a young face of 22. Hope these are enough for them even though I have no previous experience. Well, I don't really believe they will ask me anything else when they hear I have no experience, but they may be cool persons and...I tried anyway!

That was just my thoughts I wanted to speak out as all I can do right now is wait till Tuesday (these 3 days are a national..holiday. Tomorrow families return to their home villages and fly kites and eat beautiful foods, and I have to wait till the returning to see if they are really going to answer back). Wish me luck again!

Tomorrow comes a new possitive thought (along with a positive answer I hope).



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Hi :D

A few times in the past I had to employ a childminder. You know just because you have had no experience isnt something to feel negative about. You can build that up over time. Your attitude is lovely and any moma (or papa) will see all the positives shine through.

Good will love and careness, is something that always scores high in any parents books.

Waiting to hear is the hard part. But Im sure it will be ok.

If you dont happen to get this job, then dont give up trying for other child minding posistions. It sounds like this type of work is something you will really enjoy :D

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Thanx SweetSue!

It is reassuring to hear words like that from a mom's position!

I am stressed as I am going to dive directly in deep sea, but on the other hand I am willing to learn ...I bought a magazine for babies and parents today, I also surfed net yesterday trying to find how you feed, calm etc. a little kid. I know it's not enough and nothing is better than practice, but my opinion is... I am going to work with little kids even if it's music in a class. Babysitting is not sooo far away from that and that's something I really want to do above all kinds of work, in order to cover working hours of the day. Either way, reading stuff like that and learning about their interests and needs, is somethig I must care to do, wether we talk about taking care of little children or approaching them :D

Thanx again. Still waiting, but I will surely post it whatever happens :(

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Hi :(

I'm sure you'll be fine. you know we all have to start somewhere. My eldest daughter (shes 5) was the first baby I ever held. I was 30, and didnt have a clue. Seriously, I was a clumsy panicky first time moma :D

Most of looking after kids is just common sense, love, oh and most importantly, a sense of humour.

Reading and researching is a good thing to do, it will help you loads. And dont worry if you ever need a momas perspective theres lots of momas here that Im sure will help.

A kids music teacher, wow that sounds fun. well a baby sitting job will be good you can combine the jobs, erm I think you said the children you would be looking after are 2 and 5, they would love music lessons, it will certainly keep you all entertained :D

I know waiting is real hard, but were keeping our fingers crossed for you, and I hope you hear from the parents soon.

take care :D

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