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Selfish, crazy and bad people, becoming more and more!



Hello everyone!

Today I am celebrating my freedom!

It was a little so little job I was expecting to have, but it seems the lady who gave me her phone and time to call her, doesn't want to pick it up or call me back. So, as I always try to find something good in any situation, let's say my entire day is going to stay free.

I can do with it whatever I want, I can be the boss of myself. But on the other hand I won't have to have a boss who can't communicate with me, wether practically or mentally. On the other hand, the "Autognosy" boss is someone I really understand and go well with.

I really am glad. All my stress went away and now I can see my home as a very worm place that I want to live any corner and ...whatever. I'll finish my thesis in less time, get a seeerious rest, fix some class lessons to have ready for the year to come, fix and sent my cv's in two months, have the time to go to any interview of any serious future boss who will probably want to hire me, and make a long term vacation with my boyfriend in the summer.

No, the financial is not going to be the easy part, but, giving how untrustfull person this lady turned out to be, who told me she was going to pay me anyway? Thank god I didn't loose another day going to her house to meet her, to hear that at last she ...doesn't need me.


Another bad (that was yesterday's new) was that when I told a schoolmate (that saw her on internet) I am probably getting a babysitting job, she told me anything she could to slight me, including: It was about time I had a job - this is not a proper job - how sorry she is for people who can't get a job - how many jobs she is doing at this time - I should get a job when our school finished and she is not sure wether it was my luck of confidence :mad: that I didn't...

I know -it was my fault I opened up to her. I told her she is not right to any of these and that every person knows his own good, but then I was feeling bad with what she told me, and couldn't sleep. Thank god, I have some really good friends in my life, my bf and my best friend and they told me I am doing the right thing (the fact that the right thing didn't answer the phone later, is irrelevant, as they couldn't possible know there are so crazy people among us).

But I am going to be taktless next time. This schoolmate is going to have an answer back next time, starting the sentence as she does "With every respect that comes from our 2 years everyday touch...." and finishing something like "you have an opinion to everything, who happens to be the kind of opinion that doesn't help but harm the other ALL of the times. Did you happen to have a bad childhood, or is it just the person you really are?". Sorry for being mean, but I don't really care anymore about the reason why more and more people are such an *&^#^*@$^. I only recover the result of it and it's about time they had the same payment once in their life. It would be a great gift. I don't want to spoil people anymore playing the victim.

That's it for now, let's study my positive thoughts in front of the tv, sleep well and tomorrow start my thesis. Stick to my target is a great gift for me too.

The positive thought of Monday-Tuesday was

I deserve to be healthy. Being ok is safe.

Tomorrow comes another one.



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hi there autognosy - I'm sorry your friend treated you this way. I don't know why so many people are intentionally hurtful but you didn't deserve that.

I hope things work out for you, I'm sure eventually you'll have a job that you are happy with. Good luck to you :)

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