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A wonderful idea from Sue!



Well, I don't really have something to discuss today, but I'll find something in the proccess. They say women talk in an early age than men, and once they do, they talk clearly. I say, once they do, they don't stop. So, it's not going to be difficult.

The real reason I post today is coming from a conversation with Sue. Posting something of our daily life. I have not got anything from today to show, but I'll try to find something in my image folder. Let's see...

This is a night at my city (with my bf). Who has heard of Acropolis? That's it lighted:


Hope it works, cause I don't really know how to upload images.

I won't bother to say my positive thought today as tomorrow comes a brand new one. See you then!


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Hey hun,

Well your picture worked, :(

Sometimes night brings the most dramatic pictures. All the reflections and lights, make a place seem magical and wonderous. :(

So my first glimps of greece, and its at night :(

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Even in the places that dont at first glance seem so magical, theres usually magic to be found you just need to look beyond the harshness, and into the beauty of what has got hidden :)

oh I didnt know there were islands near you, I would love to seee some sea :)

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This one is in an island very close to Athens. There were a beautiful beach nearby, but this was taken from the restaurant were we ended up. You can also see the Greek flag on the ship.


This one is from the same place, a little bit later when the sun went down


So, the nearby beach is this one. We went there one day by bus, but we returned just before we left the island cause it was so beautiful. White sand in it, no stones, it was wonderful. Some young couples like us around, all boys huggind girls and (as it was my first vacation with my bf) it was just a dream. I even had the most wonderful tan both days we visited, as the sun hit us from above, but also reflected to the sand and water and hit us from down everywhere as well!


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Oh I DID! Unfortunately I have got the rest in a cd. Too bad, there were another beach that I totally loved. It was like a private big bath hehe. I told my bf that if we go there again, I want to spent a whole day in that beach. Well, a pic of this is that...more or less, but this pic cannot show it's real beauty in, out of the water and the view around


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:) ok, Ive had 2 swimming lessons recently, - both disasterous, think one of them i mentioned in one of my blogs, if its still there, im not the bravest of people :)

but yep im still gonna take them, reckon if i can overcome a life long phobia of water, and swimming. then I can do anything :)

yep I will be sure to catch up with you when i start my travels :D

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