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Day 1



So this is it. DAY 1 smoke free, tonight, 9:00pm.

Wish me strength.

What I know:

1] the pangs are going to be at about 3-4 cravings from day 1 to day 3 [1 to 72 hours]

2] They are going to be at their climax at day3-4 with probably 6 cravings a day, lasting from 5 to 30 minutes, so I am going to think about this most of the day and night!

3] At day 5, the cravings are going to go down to 3 a day

4] At day 7, they are going to be 1-2 a day

5] At day 10, one a day, this is the end of what they call 'hell week'

6] At day 15, it will only be mostly a mental craving to guard against, with maybe 1 physical craving a day

7] At day 21, the physical cravings will be gone. It will mental

6] After day 21, I will have a new routine. But will have to remind myself of the WHYs I did this.

7] Quitters may go back to their smoking habits within 1 to 3 months. Because they forget they think they are free. But addiction is a path that is created in your brain that faints, but does not disappear, as I unfortunately found out.

8] If you are a quitter, you are a quitter for life, meaning, stay on your toes!

'in absolutely no circumstance, not one puff ever'


Knowing about the 21 days makes it manageable for me. So I will pledge for 21 days, here, or on the other site, at least!

OTHER THINGS that help that I have change this time around, or things that I have learned that worked on my first try:

-tell my friends and family, find supporters, people you feel are positive about this and do not blame you [new]

-stay away, or, very aware of the 'pushers', detractors, and downers, I know who they are now, they are dangerous to me, even if they are good friends, so I stay away for at least 21 days [new]

-find a healthy replacement [the Pavlov response]: when I first succeeded, I remember that every time I wanted to smoke, I took a sip of water. Just a little mental trick. I am using this again

-lean into the craving, feel it, relax. I remember doing this, and I am doing it again

-Aversion response. When I was successful, I put a very big emphasis on this. It was 90% the reason of my success. I will use it again but with a new twist. At that time, I was aware that I functioned mostly out of FEAR and negative reinforcement in most of what I did and the goals I set for myself. I visualized how gross smoking was, in all aspect, made myself sick smoking, repeated to myself how disgusting smokers were... I didn't know at the time that I was feeding into my anxiety, and it could be dangerous: Recently, this only worked to make me feel more hopeless, so I will use this wisely this time around. > I will still feel how bad it smells, but mostly concentrate on how good I feel about being healthy.

-stay away or aware of triggers: being around smokers, drinking soften the resolve. Feeling bored. Feeling down and lonely. Feeling distracted [forgetting resolve]. Giving into the gremlins in my head [just one...NO!] [new]

-Quick affirmations: Not one puff ever, absolutely, under any circumstances.

Also, think of H.A.L.T.

are you hungry?, angry? Lonely? Tired? take steps to remediate to these [new]

-Reminders on fridge and into a journal [new]

-21 day goal: this means I know what I am up against. I feel that this is a challenge that is very doable, day by day [new]

-replace time smoking with time doing something else: for me, the best avenue, is to combine with physical activity. again, 21 days of making myself utterly busy and satisfied. I am very aware that I tend to get discouraged, especially when I will realize how much physical health I have lost to this addiction, especially if I get injured overdoing it! So, the only goal right now is to just go outside at least for 30min a day, no checking on improvement, just walking. After the 21 days, I will add the goals I long for.

-No drinking, less coffees >to keep my resolve on top of mind, stay away from triggers. This will be hard, because I see drinking a beer and drinking coffee with friends as a reward and that I have to have one when friends invite me. But I know it is only for 21 days [for now]. Set on smaller goals. I also know that it's not a huge deal to not drink these. It will save me money too. [new]

-for now 21 days, no hold bar on eating or no focus on losing weight. Priority first, focusing on staying quit! After, I will add my goal.

-goodies. I am allowed to chew gum. I did that before. I am allowed to drink fruit juice, virgin bloody maries, ice teas, I am allowed to eat a lot. I don't care about that so much. So be it!

-rewards! I have a budget of 40$ a week now! That's quite a bit. I see new clothes, haircut, books, bubble baths, gym memberships...

- clearing away all reminders > wash clothes, get rid of all old packets, lighters, matches, ash trays.

well, this is it.

I'm doing it!

Peace and blessings



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