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Day 14 [done with Heck week]



well it's been 14 days without a smoke. cold turkey.

I feel pretty good. I hardly feel pangs anymore, although still a little. But very vulnerable to 'wanting a smoke', especially after a stressful day at work, after saying all the guys smoking at work on the breaks or after work.

I told everyone that I stopped so it would have felt embarrassing to ask for a smoke, which was a good thing. Delayed long enough to go home.

14 days, you would think: might as well...keep on going!

Plus, I am week 2 into run/walking program. My shin are pretty sensitive, which tell me two things:

1] I am extremely out of shape

2] to relax, take it easy, not overdo it.

Anyway, I asked for advice on my quitting forum as well...


how do you, not give up, after all this hard work? You would think I be proud enough, or motivated enough...

Are my rewards big enough?

Are my reminders scary and close to my heart enough?

What's going on? I want to do this. I've come this far, I've been through the worse part of this journey. What's the deal?

well, I hope you're well peeps!


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my guess is that at first you are excited about quitting, motivated to quit. Than you were excited that you are actually doing it, can't believe you are doing it. You are proud of yourself, happy with yourself, you can actually do it, make it a day with out smoking and it's not that bad. Than you've made it several days and now you're at two weeks. You're still proud of yourself but now the novelty is wearing off. You already know you can do it, so it's not as exciting. Instead now it's more like work, now you're missing it more. Now you're dealing with the thoughts of forever. Like, wait I can never have another smoke again? Ever? This is when it gets hard. Where was I going with this? I guess just saying I understand where you are. Does any of that sound familiar to you? That is how it is for me with the pills. I guess it can be similiar. My suggestion would be, don't give up now. You can do this. And the second time around, it won't be as easy. Not that this time was easy, but it just seems to get harder for some reason. Take the motivation and excitement you still have left and go with it. You are proud of yourself, and you should be, it is not an easy thing to do. But you can do it, just don't give up!

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