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Tomorrow a brand new start or not?



Well... some things occured this passing time... I almost got a little job according music and children... well things didn't turn out well as the children were so young and couldn't possible follow the plan. I worked several hours to make the perfect lesson plan-which finally didn't teach as I dreamed of. I tried hard not to blame myself and I managed it. After all the mother of the children said she expected that cause she knew it, and on the other hand seemed so pleased with whatever I managed to teach them and with the way I was treated and speaking to the kids. She wants to keep my phone number and call me next year where kids will be more mature and grown up.

Well you could say there was a good turnout to the story... I didn't blame myself as usual-at least I tried hard to manage it and I felt alive and thrilled all these days scedualing the lesson.

So Friday was a half good half bad day. I was to get paid-I always get paid on time, so I bought some little instruments and music books giving the last penny I had, thinking that my money will be at the bank in a few hours ...and the result...I didn't got paid...I am so broke (but not worried, just a little furious) so hopefully tomorrow...who knows!

That's the big last weeks news.

Today I met some new guys, friends of my bf. They want somebody to play keyboards for their new band and somebody proposed me, so.... I'll give it a shot! Who knows, maybe we fit!

Returning home I was educating myself listening to...Evanescence -"Everybody's fool" (one of the songs they play for a start so as to make the group find it's sound).

Well it's my first time to a band. Hope they use me to sing too!!!!

Hopefully tomorrow I am just going to stick to my programm as I promised to myself (yeah right...as if I have ever stuck to anything for more than 3 days!!!)

Anyway my programm is ...a little bit of everything, but more scedualed so I WILL be doing everything and not got lost in my "musts".

So that includes waking up, wash and put creme on my face, have my breakfast as my dietist proposes to do, wach Oprah (yes her show has reached Greece as well), then see if I got paid and make some market necessary shopping like milk...then doing the household but just a room. Tomorrow is kitchens time (and god kitchen is always a place to be busy).

Then sit a bit at the tv with some little brake lunch and bigin my thesis for 2 hours (brrrrr). Thencooking (steak is going to be tomorrow yeah!), washing the dishes and decluttering some papers, studing Spanish (though I am not so sure...maybe I'll change it to something else), some net (maybe passing by to see how are you all doing), lunch brake, bathing and general beaute, reading my autognosy books (self help), having dinner waching my favourite tv show and some more hand, face etc 'before sleap creams' and finally.....sleap!

How beatifull life is when you get paid to sit -huh?!

Ok, possitive thought, almost forgot it!

Let me make a translation...let's see....

I have a target and in my try to accieve it I insist to take advantage of every opportunity given to me

:confused: I don't know what the target is... but let's say "IF I have a target...." Much better...someday I will find it among the musts I put to myself. Tomorrow let's stick to the programm. Let my tomorrows target be to stick to it.


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