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The news of the year... Just kidding!



Hello everybody!

Long time no seen! Well it's my fault, another time I am unable to keep up with any programm I put to myself. I won't be surprized if there is a name for that problem in pshycological books..

Anyway, like trying to keep friendships with people from this site...withought trying... goes the rest of my life -all this time I am away. The most strong examble is my...thesis. I deny to write it. I open the programm and then..close it as it is. My dietist (who has studied psychology) told me that this denial is coming from a great amound of stress. I have made my thesis a BIG deal in my mind. Anyway, today I wrote something at least, but I have something like 22 pages ahead of me to finish till Friday :eek: I want to give it as soon as possible as my schoolmates are going to take their degree late in May and I want to be a part of it, obviously.

Anyway, let's forget the thesis and tell you about the fashinating things that are going to come. Well hopefully if the ashes of the volcano are over by then, they will come, as they are coming from far far away. First is Bobby McFerrin, coming in May to perform in my town. Well more presicly (killed it!), half an hour away from my home! He is the person along with Jerry Lee Lewis (who I believe he IS and always was the king of Rock 'n' Roll) that I want definately to see in my life. Both I believe are gifted from god, and guess, Jerry Lee is coming too -on July!!!!! Couldn't possible believe in my luck! I won't miss them for anything in the word!

Well another one is that I am in a band who plays just for fun, and I am on the keyboards. Well I can't tell you how much I enjoy creating. We used to play songs from famous bands Greek or not, but last week I asked another member to tell me her thoughts (that is lyrics and melodie she made up) so I worked it home -how I imagine it should be- I made the harmonics and the piano part, and tomorrow I am going to present to the band the band's first song :D I can't wait!!!

That's all for now, kisses to all of you!


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