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Another same day



Don't get me wrong, I didn't say it was boring or anything.

Just, today I told myself that I'd make a delivery call, cause I needed time to wash the dishes and write my thesis. I refused to my bf and members of the band to see them this week as "I have to do nothing than finishing my thesis" and the result of this was...the same. I did nothing (except from the delivery call) :mad:

I mean, what's wrong with me??? I supposed to have it finished by the end of the month-that is by the end of the week. I supposed to had it finished a month ago in reallity and now going to intervies for a next year job, but guess! My CV isn't ready cause the priority was to the thesis (which is not yet done). I suppose to have it ready by Friday and there is no limits to pass anymore as there are 22 pages left...let's see...like 5 pages a day (Friday free for typing :D).

Anyway, at least today I did a 30' yoga (which I say I'd do for 3 days now). It supposed to be at night so I could sleap well and tomorrow be rest and strong, and begin my thesis without being sleapy (which is my 24hour condition), but guess! I am still wake (4.40 in the morning).

What's wrong with me?


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hey auto, there isn't anything wrong with you.

Sometimes it's just really hard to get motivated.

Have faith in yourself and know you are capable of finishing this thesis.

And imagine how you'll feel when you're finally done.

I know you can do it auto, good luck :P

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Ah, Auto, I'm sorry you're driving yourself crazy over this. And my answer may be too late to help you with today's effort. But there's always tomorrow.

I have a hard time with deadlines, too. Or rather, with doing a little at a time so the deadline isn't so painful. For me, stuff starts to happen when I finally realize there's no choice. For others, I think it happens when they relax enough to let things happen naturally. You know the subject; you've been studying it for years. Now you just have to let the world know that you know.

Good luck with your thesis. :-)

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