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Yet another fried day



Well, another work week has ended. With the absolute minimum amount of work.

It's the strangest thing; some people are busy, and my entire tasking for the week has been to attend two meetings. There might be non-personal, political reasons for that, but it doesn't help my self-image in any way.

It's to the point that I spend my time thinking up other things I can do, on top of my site monitoring. For some reason, I haven't felt like writing any fiction in a while, but that might happen.

I feel almost as if I'm wasting my time, you know? Despite the fact that this is all in my favor: they're still paying me the same. I don't know; maybe I should be happy ... It's my right, isn't it, to be happy?

I know, of course it is; it just depends what it is I need, to get there.


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I know what you mean. I always feel guilty when work is slow. I'd rather be running around trying to clean and make things pretty.

You write other fiction? I haven't written anything in years. It was always sappy romance when I did, though, lol. What kind of stuff do you write?

You can feel happy. Sounds like a plan.

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I think all the fiction I've ever written, that still exists, is on here, somewhere. You could try the giant 'fairy godfather' in our tag cloud, and there's the Gardener story from a few blog entries back.

I personally would expect that few people would be better at writing strongly emotional things than you would. :-) It makes sense to write what you feel.

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Did you read the stories I had briefly posted? I confess that I love sharing them. They're Trek Fan fiction but they are really about me. It was challenging expressing my emotions through a Vulcan.

How did I get to talking about me in your blog? How sad. Anyway, I read your Gardener story. I liked it! I'll have to search for the rest. :)

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I caught the shorter one, I think, about the Vulcan woman and her human husband and their baby. And don't worry, the "you" came shining through. :-)

No, it's not sad to talk about yourself, when it comes up. In fact, it's fairly normal. We were sharing a common experience, of writing, and contrasting our experiences.

Some of my friends and I use blog comments like a chatroom with memory, so don't worry. Any topic that comes up is a form of sharing.

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