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My day



This is just todays actions -those who past and those who will come. It's like thinking of what I did to be happy this day passed and a commitement to the things I want to do before I go to sleap so that I can say this day worthed.

So today I woke up early and went to the centre of the town. I was in my destination 15 minutes after the shop opened. Today was starting the selling of Jerry Lee Lewis concert tickets, that will come in July :o

Well they said that they have not got the tickets yet (that's Greece unfortunately) so I thought to make a walk, buy ink for my thesis, have a breakfast in a cafe and go back in an hour and a half. Nothing. I came back home and was sooo sleapy and tired that I took 3 hours sleap without eating. In the afternoon I made a phonecall and yes the tickets were there, so I went to the shop again and had my 35 euro ticket in my hands (fortunatelly, I got one of the few, cause if they were over I would have to pay 55).

Anyway I went to a store near my bus station, looked for self help and yoga books, bought a body lotion, ate my favourite spaghetti and bought next months ticket card for transportation before I returned home.

Coming home I took a bath and that was soooooo relaxing!!!

Then I took a look in the blog session of mentalhelp and started the washing machine (time to hug them -I can't hear it anymore :D )

I am about to start my thesis -hopefully will work for 3 hours and finish 3 more pages. Oh god help me! I managed some jobs today, let me manage now the most important and crucial one!


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